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Furniture and building materials for decoration. The company launched a low-cost package for decoration &hellip& hellip; Nowadays, it is the peak period of decoration, and many decoration companies have launched various attractive preferential policies. How much can owners enjoy low price packages and preferential policies

◆ the agreed budget frequently shows hidden consumption

yesterday, Ms. minhuo, who lives in a provincial city, called this newspaper and said that she had just finished decorating her new house in September this year, and the decoration package was given to the decoration company, but she encountered many disputes. Ms. Huo said that after determining the decoration company, she paid the other party a design fee of 5000 yuan, which was originally thought to be the design fee of the whole house. Unexpectedly, the decoration company only provided her with drawings of two rooms, saying that there was still a charge. At that time, I felt something was wrong, so I read the decoration contract. It really said that the company's drawings contained only two spaces, but it indicated that it was charged by set. At that time, I didn't look carefully, so I mistakenly thought it was the design fee of the whole house. Miss Huo said helplessly. During the decoration process, the other party didn't work hard, so Ms. Huo paid again according to the other party's requirements. I thought it was over, but I didn't know that there were more disputes during the decoration. The budget price and budget table agreed before the decoration have risen again and again after the start of the project, and various hidden consumption have appeared frequently, far exceeding the previous budget. Take this wall as an example. The previous plan is very simple. During the decoration process, the foreman said no, and the plaster of the whole wall must be removed and redone. As soon as it is removed, it will cost 20000. In a mess, the cost of the whole decoration will be 60000 or 70000 higher than the original. Ms. Huo said

in this regard, the reporter contacted the decoration company. The designer said that the design fee contract clearly stated that the decoration company did not charge fees indiscriminately. As for the implicit consumption mentioned later by Ms. Huo, it was agreed by the other party. The materials she chose were all good, and the price must be high. Moreover, many parts of the decoration were changed according to the requirements of the customer, and the change must increase the cost. The designer said

◆ the low-cost package water is too deep

Ms. Cai bought a new house and delivered it. Before that, decoration companies have been calling to promote it, claiming that there are many decoration schemes and preferential policies such as low-cost package, decoration and building materials

Ms. Cai said that during the investigation, she found that most of these decoration companies recommended package services at different prices, with the cheapest of 30000. Ms. Cai's house is 120 square meters, and the total quotation given by the decoration company is 80000. After communicating with the designer for many times, the other party finally promised that the price could be reduced to more than 60000, and also gave a large gift bag of building materials goods and a free lottery. During the decoration, Ms. Cai compared the building materials in the list with those sold in the market, and found that the corresponding model could not be found or the price was twice as expensive as the market price. Ms. Cai asked to terminate the contract and return the deposit, and the two sides had a dispute

with regard to Ms. Cai's experience, the reporter contacted the interior decoration Association. A staff member surnamed Wang said that in the view of most consumers, the package decoration is more cost-effective. In terms of publicity, it usually does not describe the limitations of the package. At the same time, it can help consumers complete the decoration in a one-stop manner, which is the main reason to attract consumers. In general, the decoration company will not mention additional charges in the low-cost package launched, and the quotation will be relatively vague. Unclear places reserve space for various additional items in the future, which will eventually lead to the cost much higher than expected

if consumers want to choose a low-cost package, they must first understand the details of the package, which charges are required, and which charges or supplies are not included in the package. At the same time, they should also measure whether the package conforms to the characteristics of their own house type. In addition, consumers should carefully read the contract when signing the contract, indicate the detailed specifications of the terms in the contract, such as construction period, acceptance, payment method, liability for breach of contract, after-sales service, etc., clarify the product model, price, grade and quantity of main materials, and also agree on the charging standard of additional items outside the package

◆ choose decoration companies with caution

in view of the experiences of citizens, the reporter then contacted the hotline of the Consumer Association. A customer service staff said that there are many complaints about decoration every year. From the data point of view, the main reason is that the decoration contract is not standardized, the expected decoration effect is not achieved, and the disputes caused by unqualified decoration materials, which is the hot and difficult point of complaints about home decoration building materials consumption

it is understood that the decoration industry has formulated the "quality specification for home decoration and decoration engineering" and the "model contract for housing decoration", but they are all some guiding provisions, which are not mandatory, resulting in a low threshold for access to the decoration industry. At present, some of the decoration companies, large and small, are small companies that are not registered. They have no office location and no business license. They change places with one shot in the decoration market, which brings difficulties to market supervision

in this regard, the staff member said that in order to avoid decoration disputes, owners had better inspect the building materials market and decoration companies before decoration to see whether there are formal procedures and qualifications, product certificates or environmental quality certificates. Before signing the contract, if possible, you can find a lawyer to read it, write down the possible loopholes and disputes, and keep the contract as evidence later. In the process of decoration, it is also necessary to check every link in time to ensure that the decoration company or construction personnel do something about building materials, and remember to keep the invoice when purchasing home building materials goods, so as to better protect their rights in the future





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