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Now, with the continuous development of e-commerce and logistics industry, online shopping is gradually entering thousands of households. However, due to the problems of product after-sales and the poor service attitude of merchants, the contradiction between consumers and merchants is stimulated. As a brand enterprise of aluminum alloy doors and windows, the information transmitted online is very easy to affect word-of-mouth. Then, how should aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises establish a good online word-of-mouth

pay attention to the influence of online word-of-mouth

on Taobao, we can see that many consumers quarrel with shopkeepers online because of some small mistakes, and consumers are more and more used to expressing their opinions and opinions with the Internet as the carrier. They will praise them more and more if they feel good. If they feel bad, they may be devalued

with the development of the Internet, the power of public opinion has also emerged. Once there is negative news about aluminum alloy doors and windows on the Internet, it will be a bolt from the blue for a developing brand, which is very easy to lead to tragedy. Therefore, aluminum alloy door and window enterprises should attach great importance to online reputation, fully ensure product quality and brand image, and even pay attention to the comprehensive improvement of sales means and attitude, after-sales service content and attitude

pay attention to product quality and win a good reputation

in today's fast food era, many young consumers face the pressure of heavy work and life, and do not have enough time for house decoration. Therefore, the "one-stop" service is loved by the majority of consumers, and user experience is crucial in marketing. Aluminum alloy door and window enterprises need to ensure good after-sales service. Enterprises can establish "one-stop" convenient installation services, and establish good after-sales channels to protect the rights and interests of consumers and relieve the worries of busy young consumers

in addition to alleviating the troubles of consumers when facing decoration, it is more important to note that president Shao, the director of Cartier doors and windows, believes that the "one-stop to the end" service needs to pay more attention to quality. Precisely because some developers have the phenomenon of shoddy services, which leads to the damage of consumer rights and interests, developers and aluminum alloy doors and windows enterprises need to establish a healthy and transparent docking chain under the supervision of third-party institutions to protect the rights of consumers, Let inferior products have nowhere to hide. This is also a necessary link for aluminum alloy door and window enterprises to win public praise

nowadays, if consumers want to know the quality of enterprise products, they can know a little about them by searching on the Internet. When consumers choose an aluminum alloy door and window product, they will affect their choice because of online word-of-mouth. Therefore, aluminum alloy door and window enterprises must pay attention to it, actively adapt to the development of the Internet information age, make full efforts in product quality, and speak with excellent product quality, so as to win a good reputation. Mr. Shao of Cartier doors and windows believes that good doors and windows are relatively perfect in quality, design and functionality. As a leader in the industry, Cartier doors and windows has always adhered to the concept of building a brand with quality to ensure that products at the same price have higher quality. Consumers who want to choose good doors and windows must not miss Cartier doors and windows

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